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Tell us if you bank or savings and loan does it!   2 comments

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We are preparing a comprehensive list of issuing banks in the US and worldwide that charge the International Service Fee to their customers.

If you know your bank does this please drop us a line!

Email us the name of the bank that engages in this practice and their website and we will investigate.

(All emails will be kept confidential. Send to .)

Written by admin on September 29th, 2010

It wasn’t the merchant, it was your bank!   no comments

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When you order from a merchant outside your country, certain card issuing banks charge an “International Service Fee” just, well, let’s be frank, because they can.

This will appear on your card statement as a separate line item, such as “INTL Service Fee“, “International Transaction Fee“, “International Service Fee“, “Foreign Transaction Fee“, “Foreign Merchant Fee“, “Foreign Transaction Charge“, “Cross-border Assessment“, “Cross Border Transaction Assessment“, or “International Service Assessment“.

The merchant you bought from didn’t charge you this fee!

It goes to the bottom line of your bank.

It is not because of currency conversion – it happens even if the online merchant charged you directly in USD (US dollars).

Don’t believe us? Just call customer service at your bank and ask for an explanation.

Written by admin on July 1st, 2010